Message from President

Overcoming an severe business environment, Seikagaku aims to develop as a “Global Category Pharma.”

Seikagaku focuses its research and development activities on glycoscience and aims to develop as a "Global Category Pharma" having international competitiveness on the basis of the Seikagaku Corporation Ten-Year Vision. We are currently implementing the three-year mid-term management plan for the period from fiscal year 2016 to fiscal 2018 as the final step in achieving the Ten-Year Vision.

       In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, several research and development themes progressed. I am pleased to report that on March 23, 2018 we obtained New Drug Application (“NDA”) approval in Japan for HERNICORE 1.25 units for intradiscal injection (development code: SI-6603), a treatment for lumbar disc herniation. HERNICORE is an injectable drug that is less invasive to the patient than surgical treatment. Since it is the first therapeutic agent in Japan with intradiscal administration, Seikagaku and sales partner Kaken Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. will strive for a phased rollout while paying attention to promotion of appropriate use and safety assurance.

       We have initiated a Phase III clinical trial (additional study) in the U.S. of SI-6603, and clinical trials in Japan and the U.S. for SI-613, an osteoarthritis treatment positioned as a next-generation global product, are progressing. We will accelerate development of SI-613 and secure our position as a leading company in the osteoarthritis market. Furthermore, SI-449, an adhesion barrier, progressed to the clinical trial stage in May 2018 and was added to the development pipeline.

       Seikagaku is likely to face a more severe business environment due to the progress of ongoing measures to control medical costs in Japan and abroad, among other factors. In light of this situation, we will work to increase sales, including sales of new drugs, and will improve the earnings structure by rigorously controlling costs. We will also focus on new drug development, the source of future growth, and engage in efficient, clearly prioritized R&D activities so that we can rapidly and continuously create valuable new drugs.

       Seikagaku will intensively implement its high-priority strategies with the aim of prevailing in competition as a “Global Category Pharma” and strive to always engage in conscientious, compliance-minded corporate activities and enhance corporate governance.

Improving Shareholder Value

We are working to improve shareholder value through the evolution of Seikagaku as a "Global Category Pharma." Our management policies will also continue to emphasize the maintenance of confidence in Seikagaku.

Seikagaku strives to increase shareholder value through sustained growth. In the coming years, we will continue to seek the trust of all our stakeholders including shareholders.
We look forward to the continuing support and understanding of our stakeholders including shareholders.

June 2018
Ken Mizutani
President & CEO